Jerry Hunt: Talk (slice): double

content streams

content devices

1 global
2 intermittent
3 discontinuous
4 extractive
5 centered
6 collective
7 peripheral
8 partial


! burst
@ recursion
% bilevel
^ inject
* global


1 talk
2 talk > device
3 talk/device
4 device > talk
5 device


A interchange
B exchange
C select
D separate

inflection levels

1 local
2 imminent
3 regional
4 global

performance action/requirements

  1. select a string of mode signs
  2. the ranges of signs must be exclusive
  3. select an extent of node content stream elements (11-43): each speaker uses the same number of sign element increments
  4. associate serially, reading left to right through the strings, concurrent elements from each string table [a-f]

performance mechanism


[a] content streams: select six mutually agreed content sources of narrative and mechanic device gesture (a-f)
[b] content devices: eight mutually agreed program variables of narrative and gesture-narrative translation (1-8)
[c] pattern models: five mutually agreed production strategies (! @ % ^ *)
[d] mode mechanisms of production of five mutually agreed strategies of device and speech envelope and pattern integration
[e] focus goals using four mutually agreed strategies (A-D)
[f] inflection level goals are requested in four modes (1-4)

- Jerry Hunt, 1991


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